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Borned in North Macedonia. With intelectual parents that loved literature, arts and philosophy, mother, artist painter and father, Doctor in science for archeology, it was obvious for Natalija to become an artist painter and art her life passion. She studied school of fine and applied arts in her home town of Skopje and soul for restoration of artworks in Larissa (Greece) that will be her home for almost 20 years. 

After studying, she will work as an iconographer for two and a half years, in the studio of a renowned iconographer, Mr. Kostas Theodorou.

For five years shee has several collections and exhibit them in Russia, Sweden, England France, north Macedonia. From 2015 Natalija is living in the beautiful and sunny south of France, Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur, once home to the greatest modern artists. The artworks she is creating now, are exhibited on the French Riviera, from Monaco to Saint Tropez.

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